Monday, April 21, 2014

RVA Fashion Week!

RVAFW is literally right around the corner, all festivities kick off next week and I am super excited to be on board this year as one of RVA Fashion Week's badged bloggers! Whether you're an artist, designer, blogger or just simply a lover of fashion, please come out next week and support the fashion movement in RVA by attending some of RVAFW's many events. Attending any of RVAFW events will put you in the presence of some amazing individuals, I'm a huge fan of networking and I cant tell you the number of great people and contacts I've made by attending RVA Fashion Week events. See you there!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Dress for Success: Rock Your Red Fashion Show

So, for the past few months I've been posting info on the Dress for Success Rock Your Red Fashion Show, I attended the event last week and was really amazed by the mission of this organization. As I had stated in previous post Dress for Success is an organization that provides professional attire to women looking to get back into the workforce. During the fashion show one of the recipients of such services actually spoke to the audience, and explained how Dress for Success assisted her by providing her with a beautiful suit and apparel to interview with when trying to make her way back into the working world! I was really touched by her sincere appreciation for the role that Dress for Success played in helping her get back into the work force! I also got a chance to meet the event organizers and other key players with the Dress for Success organization, they're some absolutely amazing women that encompass such a genuine and compassionate spirit for what they do. Here are a some pictures and special moments that I captured during the Rock Your Red Fashion Show!

Mary Kay Vendor

Was greeted with the program and a bottle of OPI polish

This was during a segment in which the ladies were modeling some not so professional attire that had been donated to Dress for Success. (I thought this was a really fun segment)

A client of Dress for Success sharing her story of how the organization assisted her in making her way back into the workforce.

So mad this picture came out blurry but these are some powerful business women in RVA, there's Marshe from Rumors Boutique (2nd to the right)  and Ranee Kamens of Simplify Me (2nd to the left)

Announcing the winning designers of the show!

Special birthday surprise for Melissa!

Loved my goodie bag, it was packed with tons of Sephora, Michael Kors, and other great products!!


If you're in the RVA area and would like to donate professional attire to Dress for Success please email 

Special thanks to Melissa the Dress for Success Fashion Show Coordinator she was my point of contact throughout this event, she really welcomed me upon us meeting the actual night of the fashion show (after communicating through email for months), she introduced me to everyone and really made me feel like I was part of the team!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Wet & Wild Cosmetics!!

I love being a blogger I really do, I've met so many great people since I've been on my blogging journey. I've also been gifted some amazing products since I've been blogging including gowns, beauty products, and my latest goodies from Wet & Wild! Of course like most of you I grew up wearing Wet & Wild make-up, I can remember being a teenager and stocking up on their great affordable polishes, lipsticks, and glosses along with other great products! I was super happy when I received my gifted goodies from them a few weeks ago, I got a little bit of everything and cant wait to do some product reviews to share with you guys. So stay tuned ladies because I will be doing a future blog post on what all them sent me, and show how I incorporate the products into my daily look!

Sneak peek of my gifted Wet & Wild goodies, thanks so much Wet & Wild!!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Crop Tops!

One of my favorite Spring/ Summer trends has to be the crop top! I've been a fan of crops for years, as they have been a staple in my wardrobe as long as I can remember. So, I'm super happy that I have stocked The Barclay Boutique with these super cute mock neck black crops, perfect to pair with high waisted jeans or shorts, and of course they look amazing with long flowy skirts. Ladies make sure to check out for all you summer essentials. New items are arriving weekly so make sure you follow my instagram @barclayinc to stay updated on my current inventory! Happy Spring!

The Barclay Boutique

Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Barclay Boutique: Midi Sets

Happy Spring Ladies!! With rising temps. I know most of you will start packing away your Winter clothes in order to make room for new Spring pieces. With that being said please make sure to head over to I have some super cute Midi-Sets available now that are perfect for the Spring! I'm so in love with this little set, I'm styling mine by pairing it with my black Prabal Gurung ankle strap sandals, that I just put back in rotation after reorganizing my closet! The Barclay Boutique will have some really cute crop tops, skirts, and accessories perfect Spring/ Summer pieces! Thanks so much for your support!

Monday, March 17, 2014

The Forgotten Ones...

How many pieces of clothing do you have in your closet that you just don't wear? I asked myself this question after recently reading an article somewhere that stated that most women only utilize about 30% of their closets! Shocking numbers if you ask me, I mean of course we can be emotional shoppers, along with spur of the moment shoppers, along with I'm going out Friday night and need a new outfit type of shoppers, but really we're only wearing 30% of the items we've bought! So my goal this weekend was to go through my closet and pull out all the pieces I had with price tags still on them, along with pieces that had simply just been forgotten about and shoved to the back of my closet! I'm so glad I did this before I went on my Spring/ Summer mini haul, because to my surprise I found a ton of great pieces that I bought and just never wore before, along with items that I only wore once or twice. I pulled all my newly found pieces to the front of my closet, that way I could see them and begin to incorporate them into my Spring/ Summer wardrobe. Here is a small portion of some of the hidden treasures I found in my closet, stay tuned to see how I style these items and give them a fresh, fun, and modern look!

Marciano by Guess? This top is a decade old I remember I bought it the summer after high-school graduation! 

Urban Outfitters purchased last Summer never worn!

Urban Outfitters I bought this piece to wear to my sisters surprise party and never wore it again, that was 3 Summers ago..

BEBE Sandals worn a few times purchased 3 summers ago..

I love wedge heels!

Love these I purchased them 2 Summers ago from LuLu', and wore them for an hour one night and threw them in the back of the closet, completely forgot I had them!

These remind me of candy, so bright and fun!

Prabal Gurung purchased these last Spring but only wore them twice, I noticed a lot of bloggers wearing these in the winter. More power to them sandals and cold temps just don't mix.

Forever21 sweetheart cut dress, purchased 4 summers ago and wore once to a Chris Rock Comedy Show.

I love the cut and detailing on this dress, hanging on the hanger does it no justice it fits perfectly, very snug at the waist and creates a nice silhouette!

Vintage and never worn before, this was gifted to me about 5 years ago!

The details and sequins on this skirt are amazing!

Just amazing!

Thirfted vintage skirt, I love how flowy and light this piece is!

I also love the tiered hemline!

Love this piece I purchased from ASOS last Spring as I was gearing up to go to Jamaica, I never wore it as I stayed in a bikini for most of the trip!

Love the back detailing on this pieces, so glad I came across it--it was still folded up in the bag it was ship to me in..smh

Love this Vintage dress I purchased last Summer, at Fan Tastic Thrift in RVA

Love the way the front of this dress drapes super low but yet doesnt reveal anything its super sexy, it just falls over my body ever so nicely. another piece that looks better on than hanging on the hanger!

 Ladies, what forgotten items do you have thrown in the back of the closet, take some time to look you'll be surprised at what you find!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Kelis does Coveteur!

Any one who knows me knows that I've been a huge fan of Kelis since she first popped on the scene in 99'! I was instantly mesmerized by her appearance, I mean lets think for a second if we go back 15 years nobody looked or dressed like this woman. Her bright colorful curly hair, her eccentric style of dress, the eclectic sound of her music just captured me immediately. She is truly like a breath of fresh air to me, I always say that everything your favorite artist is doing she has already done, she may not get credit for it but please believe this woman has done it all!! From rockin' gold fronts, to wearing bright rain-bowed colored lipstick over a decade ago, it amazes me that somehow Kelis always seems to be light years ahead of the rest of us! She has inspired me for years to think outside the box, be original, and be myself when it comes to my personal style! I was excited when I heard talks about Kelis being in Coveteur this month, and even more blown away when I heard her album FOOD would also be coming out this year! Not sure if any of you got a chance to watch her cooking show Saucy and Sweet on the Cooking Channel a few weeks ago, but she looks fly even while cooking, I mean shes just effortlessly DOPE on every level! So moving along to this amazing Coveteur shoot which captures the very essence of Kelis' uniqueness, and also gave us a sneak peak into her amazing home! Everything I imagined her home to be it was plus so much more, and not to mention her closet is sick I mean its filled with sequins, bright colors, and unique fabrics I would truly be like a kid in a candy store in her closet. This was such a tease I really feel like I need an hour long MTV Cribs special showing this woman's amazing home, I just cant get enough!

This closet is truly a wonderland!

For all my fellow naturals a little peak into Kelis' product stash!