Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Repeat Offender!

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this in previous post, but I'm definitely not that chick whose afraid to repeat/ recycle the same piece or pieces. I try to buy timeless pieces that I can wear for years to come, and that can be mixed and matched with other items to keep it fresh. I'm also not afraid to be photographed in the same outfit/ pieces twice because 9 times out of 10 I've created a completely different look, almost to the point where you may not even notice if you've seen me in it before! I'm not a millionaire just yet, so buying cloths just to wear once or twice isn't happening. I have some friends that cringe at the thought of posting a pic on Insta or any social media for that matter, wearing a repeat outfit, it makes me chuckle just at the thought of it! So, I just wanted to share with you guys a few of my looks based around one piece, I love this Leopard Print dress that I got from H&M a few years back, I've paired it with everything from my over the knee boots, to my vintage Motorcycle Boots. It truly looks good with just about anything and its always an easy go to outfit when I'm pressed for time, or just cant figure out what to wear.

State-Fair Fall 2014

VA Fashion Week Fall 2013

RVAFW Spring 2014

I would love to know what pieces you guys recycle within your wardrobe, and what your go to items are, so do share!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

VAFW 2014

I cant believe its almost time again for VA Fashion Week, I remember attending one of the VAFW showcases this same time last year, it was a rainy cool Fall evening. Despite the cool weather and rain my fit was dope that night, I wore my leopard print H&M dress, with my Moto boots, and black Fedora. Doesn't seem like a whole year has passed, anyway I'm super excited to be attending this years festivities, the wheels are already turning in my head as to what look I want to go for this year. Over 25 new designers will be showcased during VAFW this year, including Lizzi London a Fashion Designer from London, England whose collection will be shown at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Virginia Beach. I love how fashion changes and evolves even over just a short period of time, so I'm really looking forward to seeing what this years up and coming designers bring to the show! Its so refreshing attending events like this especially in VA, I love connecting and networking with others who have the same passion and love for the fashion culture as I do. I've met so many amazingly interesting people over the past few years, especially since I've been blogging. If any of my readers live in VA and plan on attending VAFW please leave me a comment I would love to meet some of you!

The opening show "Fashion For a Cause" will be held right here in RVA on Sunday October 5th, 2014 from 3-6pm at Celebrate Downtown located at 103 E Broad St. Super excited that one of the VAFW showcases is being held right here this year! Hope all my Richmond fashion lovers will be in attendance supporting this event! 

Purchase your tickets at www.vafashionweek.com


Monday, September 22, 2014

A Few New Fall Pieces

I absolutely love the Summer, so I'm sad that it has come to an end I swear this year seems to be going by so fast! However as much as I love Summer weather I absolutely am a stan for Fall Fashion, lots of layers, boots, hats and scarves are definitely my thing. I'm so excited that in another few weeks I can pull out my Moto Jacket with my boots and really get creative with my looks. I love the colors that come with the Fall wardrobe like mustard, ox blood, and my all time fav lots of black. I picked up a few new pieces from H&M a few weeks ago, I'm in process of building up my Fall wardrobe and will be taking you guys on the journey with me, sharing my latest finds, and showing you how I incorporate them into my everyday looks, mixing old with the new.

Love the texture and color of this top, and its nice and thick! 
Mustard is one of my fav colors it really compliments my complexion so you will be seeing me in this color a ton this Fall/Winter.

(P.S this is the actual color of this top, 1st pic was without the flash)

Love this shirt dress, I plan on pairing this with a pair of tights and my over the knee boots or a cute pair of booties.

This piece is lined on the inside which is really nice.

Happy Fall Ladies, stay tuned to BarclayINC to see more of my Fall wardrobe and looks! 

Friday, August 29, 2014

A Day in D.C

This passed Sunday a friend and I hit the road and headed to DC. I love DC its such a melting pot of unique folks from all walks of life, from the shopping to the food, I always have a good time whenever I'm in the District of Colombia. We checked out a few vintage stores, which honestly were way too pricey for me. I'm a true thrifter so paying high prices for used clothing just doesn't add up to me, next time i'll be sure to make my way to the nearest goodwill where I can find some great vintage pieces at a reasonable price. We of course did the whole Georgetown thing, made our way to Sprinkles to grab a few cupcakes, and then headed to Georgia Brown's for dinner. Georgia Brown's was great the menu offered a nice variety of Southern Style cuisine, I got salmon with mac and cheese and a side of broccoli. I basically created my own meal, which was absolutely delicious and filling, the ambiance of the restaurant was lovely as well its what to be expected from any fine restaurant in the DC/ Northern VA area. I highly recommend if you live in or are visiting the DC area to check out Georgia Browns, you wont be disappointed. Here are a few pics of my OOTD, for the first time this summer I got a chance to wear my orange F21 Duster along with my gifted Eshakti crop top and my high- waisted Urban Outfitter jeans. Just about every pair of jeans in my closet are from Urban Outfitters, I even have duplicates of the same wash. I absolutely love their high-waisted denim they fit me perfectly and the fact that they come in "long" are a plus! Here are a few candids of my day in DC!

Oh Hey!


Sprinkles Cupcakes

I spent $3.75 on this cupcake and it was worth every cent!

I was so hungry I didn't even get a food pic, I just started stuffing my face, but take my word the food is delish!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Warby Parker: Beacon Collection

I'm super excited that Warby Parker choose BarclayINC as one of the blogs to help assist in spreading the word about the launch of their new collection of glasses and sunglasses, the Beacon Collection. If you've been living under a rock for the past few years and have no idea about the Warby Parker brand, I'll just say they're one of the dopest eye wear companies out there! I remember some time ago going to a launch Warby Parker had at Need Supply Co. right here in RVA, I completely fell in love with the brand at that time, so its crazy now that I'm helping to announce the launch of the Beacon Collection. The glasses and sunglasses from this collection are unique and original with a bit of a vintage feel! Warby Parker makes sure they have something for everyone, they offer tons of different styles and frames to choose from, which can be purchased with or without a prescription! If you're in the market for some new specs, or just need another pair of sunnies to add to your Summer collection make sure to check out the Beacon Collection from Warby Parker! Here a few of my fav looks from the newly launched Beacon Collection, which ones are your favs?!

Models wearing: Nancy in Lemon and Ingram in Revolver Black 

Models wearing: McKee in Moonstone and Garrett in Oak Barrel

Shop these looks at:

The Warby Parker Beacon Collection Launches today July 24th!!

P.S When you purchase a pair or Warby Parker glasses,
 a pair is also donated to a person in need!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Eshakti Set!

Hey Loves, I feel like I've completely neglected the blog over the past month between being super busy with family and just life itself, I really haven't had the time to blog as usual. Things are starting to calm down so be on the look out for some great upcoming post about Summer fashion, my Summer vacays, music festivals etc. A few months back I did a post on a beautiful crop top and midi set that  had been gifted to me from Eshakti! I wanted to share some candid's I took in this adorable set. I actually haven't worn it out as a set yet, but I did mix it up a bit by wearing the skirt and pairing it with a black crop top, which made for a really cute look. I'm waiting for the perfect time and place to wear it to as an actual set, so please believe you will be seeing a lot more of this little outfit before Summer is all said and done with. For right now here's a little sneak peak! Ladies please make sure you check out Eshakti.com they have lots of amazing affordable pieces that can be tailored to your size and shape! Their prices are wonderful and they offer a great selection of classic vintage inspired pieces!

I absolutely adore this set, thanks Eshakti! 

Friday, May 30, 2014

RVA Grooves: Chrisette Michele

 Last Friday kicked off the start of this Summers RVA Grooves concert series, Ms. Chrisette Michele was the first artist to grace The Hippodrome Stage, all I can say is that this woman put on a hell of a show! Of course I was already a fan of her music, the unique tone of her voice is simply beautiful! Her energy and aura are absolutely amazing, she has such a personable demeanor, which is one of the things I love about her. She sang lots of her classic hits like "Girlfriend", a snippet of "Aston Martin Music" and lots of other material from her previous albums. Throughout her entire set she interacted with the audience, told a few personal stories, and right when we thought the show was over she came back to the stage and began singing classic Jazz melodies like "God Bless the Child" then she began scatting, which at that point she blew me away! Chrisette Michele puts on such a great live show, this woman can truly sang, yes sang! The ambiance of The Hippodrome (which is one of RVA's most popular and historic theater's) makes it the perfect venue to host artist such as her, its intimate feel and classic vibe provide a great backdrop for musicians like Chrisette. Folks if you live in the Richmond area or surrounding cities please make sure you come out this Summer and support the RVA Grooves concert series! Artist such as El Dabarge, Raekwon of the Wu- Tang Clan, and Kelly Price will also be gracing The Hippodrome Stage. So come out enjoy some great food, a cocktail, and unwind its the perfect way to kick start your weekend.

Yours truly! 

Photos by: David Lowell

For more info on the RVA Grooves concert series check out rvagrooves.com